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Πέμπτη, 29 Μαρτίου 2018



A retired colonel created in Facebook an “Armed” group of supporters for the liberation of the 2 Greek soldiers. In only 15 days he was followed by half a million “friends” by posting their photographs and the Pentagon has gone crazy!

Half a million Greeks have already become members of the group which created the retired colonel Stylianos Kassaras, creating brainstorming and discomfiture to the headquarters of the Armed Forces, concerning the photos that posted –in majority- soldiers, retired and active army officers.

Automatic Kalashnikov rifles, sub-machine-guns Uzi, M-16 assault rifles and the classic Greek Army G3A3 rifles, are parading in the Facebook group that created the Greek retired colonel as a gesture of support for the 2 soldiers that are kept captive for over 18 days in the Turkish prisons, by provoking nationalistic frenzy and one additional headache for the Greek Army General Headquarters.

Soldiers but also and simple citizens (national guards)  are posting proud photos which shows them holding heavy armament in locations that in many cases are in close distance to Turkish military installations, and by stating 100% ready “to fight the enemy” in case of a hot-episode.

For the time being the only battle they give is with the employees of the famous social-network Facebook, who announced that they are proceeding to more strict rules concerning the posts containing weapons photos, and are running in panic in order to delete the war-mongering posts of the Greek patriots, who, as things shows, are having a powerful morale and war-ready diathesis.

“I have them (Turks) right beside me! I am also present, freedom to the 2 captured Greek soldiers!”, is posting one of the hundreds thousands members of the Group, by also posting a machine-gun photo, which is targeting towards the Turkish territories. 

“Bravo Magga!!”

Right below, a soldier is photographed with a bazooka in his arm and two colleagues of him are posting photos with their anti-armor equipment in battle stations readiness in the Samos Greek Aegean Island. A female military helicopter pilot is also stating “Present” and collects 8.000 Likes. “Beautiful Greek and Strong Lady, with you the Turks will have a rough time”, is posting one of the hundreds of members which are posting comments bellow her photo.

Right below one other member is advising the rest members to not become over-enthusiastic by posting selfie photos, their units and their armament.

In particular he posts: “Please fellow officers, do not post photos with weapons, ranks, units, commander names, and of course do not post selfie photos. We were drifted by nationalistic over-enthusiasm. We don’t know for sure who-is really-who inside this group.”

To stay calm, also advised and the administrators of the group, by asking from the members to not post further photos with hubris comments, weapon systems, and installations. Nevertheless, if anyone researches the group posts, he might think that Greece is in a war situation with Turkey!

Soldiers are giving weapons to their relatives, their mothers, even their grandmothers, with hand-held pistols up to machine-guns. Other people, drifted by the war-mongering climate, are tempted to reveal the weapons that they hold illegally, despite for possible legal consequences. For example, they are photographed holding automatic Kalashnikov rifles which are broadly in circulation, especially in Crete, while others are posting photos showing the Greek Flag inside Ag.Sophia, stating ready to give their lives in order to take back Constantinople. 
(IMPORTANT NOTE:  Study carefully the relevant G.H.REES document warning about the “Dragonian Scheme Armageddon” LINK HERE: 

The Retired Colonel

Behind this impressive internet conscription is one retired colonel of the Greek Army having also served in the Special Forces, one philologist, one nurse and 11 more people, other army officers and other employees of the private sector who are working all day with the group in order to accept the thousands every day requests to join the group, but to also filter and moderate the thousands comments and photographs. The retired colonel Stylianos Kassaras was member of the Greek military mission to Afghanistan in 2003, and also in charge of the Greek echelon of the European Union observers in Bosnia from October of 2004 up to November of 2005.

By giving an interview to our newspaper he expressed his surprise for the impact that have his group, by stating  that he never expected to overcome the 30.000 up to 40.000 members.

“We knew that they will join the group old soldiers and colleagues of mine and we calculated to reach 30.000 up to 40.000 members, but we never expected half a million members! It is awesome what is happening and we are trying to handle the situation as carefully as possible”, he stated. He also confessed that he already was get contacted by representatives of political parties in order to join them, a thing that he cannot rule out to do sometime in the future, but for the time being he states that for him the priority are the National Subjects.

“We are receiving many messages that say to us: Guys, with the publicity that we have now, we can found a political party and enter the Greek Parliament. But I consider that it is too early for such an endeavor”, mr. Kassaras adds, who admits that he imagine himself in the position of a parliament member… The creation of the group, as he confess, was judged necessary because from the moment that have being signed inter-governmental agreements between Greece and Turkey, a border episode like the one with the capture of the 2 soldiers is normally resolved in a few hours in a Unit Level, with the re-forwarding of the personnel and the immediate return of armament and rest media, nevertheless the 2 Greek soldiers are still kept captives in the Turkish prisons.

He also adds that the time-delay of their imprisonment without determine a case against them and without solving the issue, together with the fact that the international organizations, the European Union, and especially NATO, are not supporting the Greek Thesis or are keeping Neutral positions, is showing that artificially will exist a time-delay of the illegal imprisonment of the 2 Greek Soldiers.

Because of all the above, the retired officer of the Greek Army is calling all Greeks to a peaceful demonstration in favour of the 2 captive soldiers, which will be organized in 25 March (National Holiday for the Greek Revolution of 1821 against the Ottoman Empire) in front of the grand statue of Alexander the Great in Thessaloniki (Capital City of Macedonia)

Article author: Frixos Drakontidis 
(Proto Thema – newspaper 18/3/2018)

Translation in the English Language: Hellen and Chaos G.H.REES official blog.


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